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The Whistler 7 Year: Irish Spirit Edition

This limited edition whiskey was matured in ex-Bourbon casks before being finished in the finest quality Oloroso Sherry butts that Spain has to offer, adding a depth of flavour that is
hard to rival.

As a treat for our much-loved fans and followers we have managed to bottle 50 highly collectible special edition Irish Spirit exclusives of this beautiful dram, and for lovers of Irish whiskey, it’s something not to be missed.

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We offer the finest and rarest whiskeys produced by the distilleries of Ireland past and present, casting our net wide to gather together a huge collection from across the island, embracing its unique processes and wonderful tastes. Whatever you are looking for, or wish to know about Irish whiskey, our experts are always ready to help. We love Irish whiskey and we want to help the world to share in that feeling.

Bottom-line, we help clients experience truly remarkable whiskey!

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Irish whiskey is unlike anything else in the world. Choose from our exclusive selection of old and rare whiskeys from across the island to add to your collection, or taste something beautiful and unique.

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Ireland has the oldest distilleries in the world. Take a whiskey adventure with Irish Spirit as we explore all of the island’s distilleries, old and new.

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