The Seeds are Sown.

Founder Patrick Shelley travelled extensively with his previous employer, luxury spirits company LVMH. While doing business in some of the most exotic locations around the world he wondered why no Irish vodkas basked in the same limelight as it’s Russian or Polish counterparts. Ireland produces some of the best barley in the world, and is known globally for its fine whiskey. Having lived and breathed the premium spirits industry for over a decade, there was no better person to kickstart and elevate the Irish category. The catalyst was set and Origin Spirits was established in 2013. Patrick embarked on a journey to create a vodka he could truly relish.

Kalak Vodka

The south of Ireland is known for its fertile soils and mild oceanic climate, perfect for growing the best barley. Only non-GMO barley is used to produce Kalak. Once malted in Cork, the grain is milled and distilled by West Cork distillery. 100% Copper Pot, not twice or thrice but four times.Before being bottled it is cut to 40% with pure mountain water. The result is a zesty, biscuity, fruity liquid with a rich buttery mouthfeel.

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Kalak Peat Cask Vodka

Taking it to the next level we have Kalak Peat Cask Vodka, a first for Irish spirits. Origin took their same original recipe for Kalak and treated it to a short resting period in Virgin American Oak casks that had been freshly charred using Irish Peat. Strikingly unique, the resulting profile combines that biscuity richness with an added layer of smokiness, cocoa and vanilla. Espresso Martini anyone?

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Ornabrak Single Malt Gin

Never one to rest on their laurels, Origin Spirits expands their offering even further with their first dip into the world of gin. Consistency is key here, using that same proprietary single malt recipe for their vodka, with an additional 5th distillation to infuse the botanicals. It took 36 separate distillation runs with over 30 experimental roots, fruits and spices trialled before the desired flavour and texture was reached. Juniper Berry, Douglas Fir Needles, Garden Angelica Root, Lemon Verbena Leaf and Lemon Peel inject a spry Summertime backdrop perfect the months ahead.

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Currach Atlantic Kombu Seaweed Cask

Coming full circle we have the inaugural whiskey release. Nothing is simple with these guys as you might have noticed. This single malt enjoyed initial maturation in ex-bourbon before being finished in virgin oak casks that have been ‘seaweed charred’. You read that correctly. Atlantic Kombu seaweed is commonly used as the primary ingredient to Dashi, a Japanese style broth. The connection of land and sea is prominent and delicious. Umami and sweetness circulate the palate providing a truly unique sensory experience.

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Currach Founder’s Edition Wakame Seaweed Cask

To top it all off, we have their boldest release yet. Just a single cask was ever produced, yielding 220 bottles. Using similar processes to the Kombu Seaweed finish, with the added bonus of being bottled at a hearty cask strength of 58.4% ABV. If you’re looking to xperience Ireland’s unique coastal terroir without travelling too far, let us do the legwork. All the seaweed is 100% naturally grown and organically certified, grown by the Talty Family off the Co. Clare coast. Stocks are dwindling so we recommend you act fast to secure one of the last remaining bottles of the batch!

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