Irish Spirit was founded to bring the “liquid sunshine” of Irish whiskey into the lives of whiskey lovers around the world. We believe that Irish whiskey, a golden nectar brought about by the special combination of age-old craft and perfect environmental conditions unique to the island, is one of the world’s great treasures and it’s about time everyone got a share.

Our Mission

Our mission, of providing the widest range of choice to Irish whiskey connoisseurs and dabblers, is driven by our whiskey-obsessed (in a good way!) founder. Together with a similarly passionate team, we hunt out the finest bottles and greatest offers for our discerning clients.

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The Irish Whiskey Experts

To accompany your favourite tipple, we will also explore the glorious history and hidden tales of the Irish whiskey industry. That’s along with all the latest news from the distillery floors and interviews with the movers and shakers of Ireland’s thankfully resurgent whiskey scene.

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Join us for a whiskey adventure around all corners of this enchanting island as we bring you the rarest bottles, the latest offerings from every distillery and private bottlings exclusive to Irish Spirit. We’ll be standing abroad the shoulders of this reawakened sleeping giant and we want to bring everyone along with us.

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