Kalak Single Malt Vodka

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Kalak is a phonetic spelling of “Cailleach”, the Irish Celtic Goddess and Queen of Winter. Kalak was the closest thing the celts had to mother nature. She was the embodiment of the darker, more powerful side of nature. After almost three years of distillation trials, and input from some of the best distilling minds in the world, Kalak Single Malt Vodka was launched in mid 2015. Kalak is meticulously crafted from the best of Irish malted barley, and pure mountain water. Four times pot distilled in West Cork, it is pure, smooth and intriguingly complex. Kalak has since gained a ‘democratic’ following around the world, appealing to both premium vodka drinkers and Whisky lovers.

Kalak is a true expression of Ireland’s terroir. It is our land, her weather, and her people’s ancient craft in a bottle.

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