Waterford Heritage: Hunter

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In the next step in their quest for flavor in whisky, the Waterford team has revived the ancient Hunter malt. Developed in 1959 by Dr. Herbert Hunter, the cereawas widely praised for its taste. In recent decades, however, more and more attention was paid to the yield per kilo of malt, as a result of which this type of malt disappeared almost everywhere. In collaboration with Minch Malt, the Irish Department of Agriculture and several farmers, 50 grams of seed was converted into a full crop of the Hunter malt over several years.

Now, more than three years later, the specialty whiskey is bottled and ready for us to judge the taste of this extinct grain. Owner/ operator Mark Reynier says: “We would like to know what the whiskey from the past tasted like. To judge this, you have to use and rate the malt of the time. If the taste of the type of malt is good, we should start using it again.”

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