Two Stacks Smoke & Mirrors PX Edition

$ 130

A collaboration of coffee roasting, beer distilling and whiskey. Two Stacks Smoke & Mirrors is the first collaboration with Dot Brewing & Imbibe Café.

This bottling combines both arts: the art of brewing and distillation. It allows Two Stacks to dive deeper into the world of beer. Their goal was to bring the world of beer and whiskey together. For this they selected a bourbon barrel, in which the beer could be stored for some time, so that the sweet cocoa note and the rich malty texture can be found in Smoke & Mirrors.

With access to the finest coffee, selected directly by Imbibe coffee roasters, who in turn are neighbors of Dot Brewing, something truly unique has been created. Before the keg was emptied, freshly roasted coffee beans were placed in the stout beer for several weeks. That was the perfect match.

After the keg with the stout beer and the coffee beans was emptied, it came to the Killowen Distillery, where it was allowed to do its final task. The barrel was filled with peated single malt whiskey in December 2020. So the single malt was allowed to absorb the aromas of the barrel for several months and the result is a great complex whiskey that combines whiskey, beer and coffee notes.

To make the whiskey even more interesting and complex, it was then given a finish in a PX sherry barrel. The notes of the sherry barrel harmonize very well with the beer and coffee notes that were already present in the whiskey. The whiskey was allowed to lie in the sherry barrel for 8 months. “

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