Redbreast 12 Edward Dillon Limited Release

$ 299

This Redbreast 12 is from the 1998-2003 era complete with original box. It maintains the classic spiciness of the traditional single pot still. A short lived experiment by the local distributor Edward Dillon. Labelled “Pure Pot Still” before the U.S. Tax and Trade Bureau deemed the term “pure” to be inappropriate in 2011.

Redbreast is the most famous of Ireland’s historic Single Pot Still whiskeys. It originates from the bonders W.A Gilbey which bought whiskey direct from Dublin’s distillers and aged it in their own sherry casks.

The Redbreast name, given to Single Pot Still sourced from Jameson’s Bow Street Distillery, was first seen in 1912 and continued to be bottled by Gilbey’s until the 1980s, when the last of the old Bow Street stock ran out. Looking to consolidate its efforts the brand was bought and continued its Jameson heritage from its new Midleton location.

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