Teeling Sommelier Selection Recioto Wine Cask

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Following on from their previous successes in the Sommelier Selection Series, comes yet another delicious but most unusual expression. As you guessed by the titles, these single malts are finished in wine casks, chosen from some of the best wineries in Europe. This particular expression has been given a generous finish in Italian, ex-recioto wine barrels. Similar to the likes of Spain’s Pedro Ximenez, Croatian’s Prošek and Austria’s Prädikatswein, the passito wines of Italy sun dry their grapes after harvest, to extract the sweetest juice possible. These wines will typically spend anywhere from 1-5 years resting in oak before being bottled. The resulting casks, with their rich depth of flavour, are sought after by avid bottlers all across the world.

The italian passito wines are split into two categories, Amarone and Recioto. Both involve the drying of grapes, which concentrates sugars and fruit flavours. The difference between Amerone and Recioto however is the amount of fermentation that occurs after the drying process or appassimento. Fermentation directly affects the sugar content of a wine. The more it ferments, the drying the wine. While Amerone ferments the longest, producing a leaner style, Recioto wines cut their fermentation time half way through their natural cycle, retaining those sugars, resulting in a sweeter thicker style. 

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