Cadenheads 16-Year-Old Peated Cooley Single Cask

$ 319

Founded in 1842, Cadenheads easily lay claim as Scotland’s oldest and most resilient indie bottlers. Since then, they have released over 4000 expressions. Scottish, American, Japanese, even as far afield as Tasmanian, no matter where that still is operating, they are bottling. Continually shining the light on world whisk(e)y and resurrecting the spirits of closed distilleries, they are the quintessential example of what it means to be an Indie Bottler. This particular release is of course, of Irish origin, and proudly so. A rare open expression between distiller and bottler. This is from the Cooley distillery, which at the time, was the only producer of peated malt whiskey in Ireland. Double-distilled from the Old Comber pot stills purchased by John Teeling when he opened Cooley in 1987. Aged exclusively in ex-bourbon, imparting classic vanilla and coconut, while allowing the distillate to shine. With just 194 bottles released from this single cask, we, unfortunately, could only find one.

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