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Produced in a batch of just 159 bottles, the Jane Doe 1989/2016 Caribbean Rum Cask Finish is a definite must-have for anyone keen to boost the rare bottles in their collection. It was distilled in 1989 before being left to mature in Caribbean Rum casks for 27 years, giving it a caramel-like sweetness that is […]

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From independent bottlers Blackadder comes A Drop of the Irish Whiskey Single Malt: a gorgeous, pale gold expression bottled “as naturally as possible”, in line with Blackadder’s mission statement. Many reviews compare the aromas and flavours of A Drop of the Irish Whiskey to the smooth, well-balanced qualities commonly found in Bushmills whiskey, and so […]

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Independent bottler Blackadder is on a mission: to bottle whiskey as naturally as possible. This involves a lighter filtration process, allowing greater emphasis on the character of the cask in the whiskey. One product of such a process is A Drop of the Irish Sherry Cask Finish, a rare find from a batch of less […]