Teeling Explorer’s Series 15 Years Old Japanese Mugi Shochu

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Teeling presents its latest gem in the Exporer’s Series, the 15 Years Old Japanese Edition. This innovative expression is a testament to Teeling’s ceaseless pursuit of pushing whiskey craftsmanship to its zenith. Matured first in ex-Bourbon barrels and then finished in unique Japanese Mugi Shochu casks, this release captures the essence of two time-honored traditions, creating a seamless blend of Irish heart and Japanese soul.

Mugi Shochu is a traditional distilled spirit crafted predominantly from barley, in caparison to say rice, potato or sugar. The meticulous process begins with fermentation, where koji mold is added to the grain to convert its starches into sugars. This mixture, or ‘mash’, undergoes careful distillation, capturing the pure essence of the grain and its flavors. The resultant spirit, stored in casks, imparts these distinctive characteristics to anything it matures. When used to age whiskey, as seen in Teeling’s latest release, the Mugi Shochu casks bequeath a unique flavor profile, allowing a harmonious symphony of cultures to dance on the palate.

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