Bushmills Marsala Cask 12-Year-Old Single Malt: (Asia Exclusive)

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Introducing Bushmills 12-year-old Single Malt, Asia exclusive. A three-wood aged in ex-bourbon & oloroso barrels before a final marriage in sweet Marsala wine barriques.

Produced in the western tip of Sicily, Marsala is a fortified wine similar in profile to Madeira or PX sherry. The cellarmasters employ a maturation process called in Perpetuum, a form of “fractional blending” akin to the Solera system used by sherry producers in Spain. When disgorging casks for bottling, a small portion of the well-aged wine is left inside the barrel. This cask will then be refilled by younger wine, melding the vintages together. This is done primarily for consistency but also creates that rich flavour profile achieved only through this unique method.

Today, Marsala wine can contain vintages from as far back as the 19th century. So when you are sipping on this 12-Year-Old single malt, keep in mind it’s influence is a lot more advanced than meets the eye, or tongue in this case… Due to strict EU law, only a small, specific region can produce Marsala wine. Such a strict DOC ensures quality, identity, and tradition, but limits production output. Making these casks, and their subsequent availability for finishing whiskey, very rare to come by. Released exclusively in Vietnam a year, whatever stock we have is all we could get our hands on.

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