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Bart’s Irish Whiskey is the first blended release from Lough Ree Distillery. Named in honour of Bart Clancy , father of founders Peter, Sheila & Mike , Bart’s is a complex blend. Each of the constituent whiskies has a precise and definite role to play in the end result. Much like the workings of clock, and inspired by the countless hours Bart spent indulging in his passion and talent for mending them.

A complex blend of Grain, Pot Still and Peated Malt with Malt Whiskeys finished in Rye & Oloroso Casks. This modern blended Irish whiskey is equally at home served on the rocks, in a highball or in your favourite whiskey cocktail. Each of the components work in harmony with the others to create the final result, an intricate flavour-driven whiskey. Savour the time spent drinking it and find joy in life’s details.

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