Midleton Silent Distillery Chapter 2 46 Year Old Single Pot Still

$ 55,000

Though silent since 1975, the legendary Old Midleton Distillery still has the power to surprise. Not with a shout, nor with a clamour or a commotion, but with a gentle reawakening. Because from some quiet corner something unique has emerged – a Single Pot Still whiskey aged over an unprecedented 46 years and capturing, in all its complexities, the traditional signature style of the Old Midleton originally curated by Max Crockett, father of distiller Barry Crockett.

On its journey this precious liquid has passed through bourbon, sherry and port casks, before finally maturing in a third-fill bourbon cask.

Its guardianship has passed too, from Master Distiller to Master Distiller, until finally Kevin O’ Gorman saw this truly unique Irish whiskey reach the peak of its perfection. A gentle reawakening.

The decanter was hand blown and carved by the skilled craftsman at House of Waterford. Since 1783, they have been responsible for some of the finest glassware to come out of Ireland, earning them legendary status across the globe. Each cabinet has been hard built by acclaimed Irish designer and woodworking John Galvin. Using a fusion of ancient Elm and Japanese Tamo hardwoods, Galvin hand carved each one with minute attention to detail, adding sterling silver and leather trim to complete the already luxurious presentation.

Finally, an additional sample bottle has been included in Chapter two, topping off an already stellar premium offering.

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