Bushmills Causeway Collection 2012 Pomerol Cask

$ 149

Discover the exceptional Pomerol Finish from Bushmills’ esteemed Causeway Collection. This whiskey has journeyed through an intricate maturation process, initially resting for over six years in both sherry and bourbon casks, followed by an additional four years in ex-Pomerol wine casks. Bottled at cask strength and non-chill filtered, it captures the essence of its unique aging journey. The Causeway Collection is renowned for its distinctive cask-finished whiskies, and this Pomerol Finish stands as a testament to Bushmills’ commitment to excellence and exploration.

Pomerol, a Bordeaux appellation unlike any other, brings a rich history and unique character to this whiskey. Unlike its counterparts, Pomerol boasts no formal classification system, yet it has ascended to global acclaim, largely thanks to renowned wines like Pétrus and Le Pin. The appellation, covering roughly 800 hectares, is known for its Merlot-dominant blends, offering wines that are both rich and approachable. Pomerol’s soils, particularly in the eastern section where prestigious producers like Pétrus are located, contribute significantly to the distinctiveness of its wines. The influence of Pomerol’s terroir, with its nuanced flavors and revered status, adds a layer of complexity and prestige to this exceptional whiskey.

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