West Cork Maritime Release Calvados Cask

$ 99

Inspired by the maritime heritage of West Cork Distillery’s founders, Ger and Denis McCarthy, this one-of-a-kind Irish whiskey is encased in a bottle reminiscent of old glass fishing floats. Before delving into distilling, the duo spent years navigating the waves off West Cork’s shores as trawler sailors. Their seafaring past resurfaced during a chat with the third founder, John O’Connell. This trip down memory lane led to the creation of a distinctive, custom-blown globe-shaped bottle with a tilted spout for easy pouring. More than just functional, the design pays tribute to their deep-rooted connection to the sea.

As for the spirit within, it’s a testament to West Cork Distillers’ expertise. This exclusive Irish single malt, initially matured in ex-bourbon barrels, is given a unique finish in ex-calvados casks. This aging process infuses the whiskey with a rich depth of flavor, reflecting the distillery’s journey from a coastal town in Skibbereen to becoming one of Ireland’s leading independent distillery.

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