Waterford Peated Woodbrook

$ 149

Woodbrook Farm, the source of barley for this Single Farm edition, partners with Irish peat harvested from County Kildare to create a powerful expression with a staggering 74 ppm. This malt introduces an ashy, fruity, and floral peatiness, standing distinctively apart from its counterpart, Peated Lacken, which boasts a vibrant but slightly less peaty flavor, leaning more towards a rich, oily profile.

Embracing a rich heritage, the use of 100% Irish peat revives a time-honored tradition, reminiscent of the island’s ancient heating methods. This innovative approach marks a groundbreaking moment for Irish whiskies. However, the allure of this expression is tinged with melancholy, as post the 2019 harvest, Woodbrook Farm ceased its barley production, making way for urban development. This edition thus captures the essence of a bygone Single Farm Origin.

Earning its title, this release is unparalleled in its potency, making it the Irish whiskey with the highest recorded ppm. Bottled at 50% ABV, non-chill filtered, no additional colouring.

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