Waterford Micro Cuvée: Lómhar

$ 500

A cuvée is the sum of its parts – layer upon layer of individual, unique component spirits to bring about greater complexity. And a Micro Cuvée is something of a playful experiment: a chance for Head Distiller Ned to consult his little black book of recipes, to show us some of the curious assemblages he has been working on in his lab.

Lómhar came about at the request of CEO Mark Reynier for Ned to create a “winter warmer” – something one can rely upon to warm the bones, warm the soul, on a bitter night.

Ned assembled Lómhar predominantly from 10 distinct Single Farm Origin distillates, along with the first organic spirit distilled from the barley of 6 growers. All in all it is made up of 11 main layers of spirit, 11 distinct Waterford Whiskies brought together.

However, at the time Ned discovered a tiny amount of liquid was left from bottling their very first cuvée – Pilgrimage. Given this whisky had been created using mostly 35-litre blood tubs, Ned thought it rather appropriate to add these very last, potent drops into Lómhar. Indeed, it was a rather fitting way to bookend 2020.

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