Waterford Bannow Island 1.1

$ 120

Bannow Island 1.1 is one of six bottles from the inaugural release from Waterford distillery. Created with “Téireoir” in mind, founder Mark Reynier took his microscopic attention to detail he developed at Bruichladdich distillery, and applied it to his “single farm origin” series. As assumed, each expression is distilled from grain sourced from just one farm. In this case, it’s Ed Harpurs off the coast of Wexford, bringing with it, that coastal influence. Matured in American Oak, French Oak & Vin Doux Naturel barrel, then bottled at a very generous 50% ABV. Only 8616 bottles of the first edition were produced, released only in European markets. Each bottle contains a code, acting as a digital fingerprint in which you can find out just exactly the what, where, who and how of your bottle. The why needs no explanation.

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