The Nectar of The Daily Drams XO Part II

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Originally named Daily Drams, The Nectar of the Daily Drams label was launched in 2006 by Belgium whiskey importer and distributor The Nectar. Founders Mario Groteklaes and Jan Broekmans are responsible for cask selection. They began by focusing of younger liquid from distilleries reputable or not going against the common perception that older is better. It’s said that to discover the true mastery of a distiller, and experience the idiosyncrasies of a distillery, the 10- 12 year range is best. With older expressions, wood influence increases it’s hold over the profile, bringing it in different directions. This is a non-age-statement whiskey, however we suspect it to be around the 12-15 mark. Released exclusively for the Benelux region with few left today. As always with Daily Drams, it is non-chill filtered and retains it’s natural colour.

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