Midleton Very Rare 1996 Vintage

$ 1,950

The Midleton Very Rare range has been going since 1984 and its annual releases have become a must-have collector’s item for Irish whiskey lovers. The range embodies the finest blending of single pot still whiskey from the Midleton storehouse, artfully executed by the Master Distiller. In the case of this 1996 vintage we have an age range of 12-25 year old whiskeys with Barry Crockett at the helm.

Each year there are only a limited number of casks used, around 50 or fewer, hence the Very Rare part! As the blend is changed every year and is dependent of the personal vison of the Master Distiller, no two years’ expressions are ever the same. Naturally the older the bottle the rarer it is, as it’s very hard not to succumb to temptation and have a glass, so the 1996 Midleton Very Rare will be an excellent addition, or even centerpiece for any collection.

Complete with box, distillery invitation and certificate of authenticity all in perfect condition.

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