Hyde No.10 Banyuls Finish Single Cask Single Malt

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The history of the Hyde family began in 1640 when two brothers opened the “Tinker Cross” pub in West Cork, Ireland. Here they served original Irish whiskey and stout, which was tapped directly from the oak barrels. After 10 generations, not much has changed – two brothers still take care of traditional, finest, Irish whiskeys. The only difference? Alan and Conor are the first generation to run it all without the family pub. Hyde No.10 Banyuls Finish is aged in Banyuls Grand Cru red wine casks. This is a French sweet dessert wine made from 75% red Grenache Gris grapes, highlighting the terroir of the southern French region known as the Côte Vermeille. To be deemed a Grand Cru, the wine must be aged in white oak barrels for at least 30 months before bottling. Limited to 390 bottles.

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