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Tullamore Dew

$ 120

Tullamore Dew is a hugely popular Irish blended whisky that is adored around the world. It is created by blending together the three main types on Irish whiskey – malt, pot still and golden grain, and then triple distilling for that famous Irish smoothness.

$ 130

This rare Tullamore Dew Finest Old Irish whiskey 1791 was produced only for the Italian market. Today, it is highly collectible and the liquid inside is to be savoured.

$ 800

This incredible Teeling 26 Year Old Gold Reserve was double distilled in 1987. It matured for most of its life in ex-bourbon casks before being finished in white Burgundy wine casks to create a taste sensation like never before. This is some of the finest Irish whiskey on the market.

$ 570

This Jameson 15 Year Old Very Special Old Whiskey is indeed a special bottle that was produced at the Bow Street distillery in the 1970s. It was aged for 15 years and is incredibly hard to come by today. A real piece of Irish history.

$ 350

This Old Bushmills Imported whiskey is a very old and rare expression from one of Ireland’s most famous distilleries. It’s not often you see one of these about today. A real collector’s item.

$ 654

This John Jameson & Son 7 Years Old is a very old and rare bottle of Jameson whiskey, when Jameson whiskey was still made at the Bow Street distillery in the centre of Dublin. It bears its famous “Not a drop is sold till it’s seven years old” tagline and was destined for the American market. […]

$ 230

This Knappogue Castle 16 Year Old is a single malt whiskey with a sherry finished. It is presented in a 750ml regular bottle and comes with a wooden box.