“Benevolence without Worry” West Cork Cask-Strength Single Malt: 56.31%

$ 200

Entitled “Benevolence without Worry”. This unique expression is part of a limited range of 4 bottles. Distilled in 2013, the final year of operations for the now-closed, old West Cork Distillery. An expansion in 2014 saw West Cork Distillers move operations to a larger site outside Skibbereen. The entire range is bottled at cask strength, with slight variances in A.B.V. This particular bottling comes in at 56.31%, aged in first-fill bourbon casks, and finished in toasted rye casks. Great value potential with the addition of water.

Tasting notes: Similar to Bottle 1, this 2nd expression in our range with an initial smack of citrus and spryness. Middle opens up with pineapple and cherry. Some grilled mushroom in the finish, with umami and cocoa-nib delicately balanced.

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