Two Stacks Smoke & Mirrors Honey Bourbon Finish

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Two Stacks Smoke & Mirrors is a single malt whiskey that combines twice distilled fruity malt whiskey with peated malt. This Two Stacks Smoke & Mirrors has got another special finish.

First, a mixture of American whiskey and honey liqueur was filled into a first-fill bourbon cask to give the cask a sweet note. But before the whiskey came into this barrel for a finish, a Dot Brew beer was filled into the barrel for 4 months, to be precise a 13% strong Barley Wine with a high rye content. This reduced the sweetness in the cask and added a second component: a nutty caramel character.

After the beer was drained, the Two Stacks Smoke & Mirrors was transferred to this cask for 4 months, imparting that unique finish.

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