Teeling x Dot Brew: Amber Ale

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At Teelings Small Batch Collaborations, empty barrels are exchanged with companies such as beer breweries, wineries or distilleries in the context of small series in order to find out their influence on the Teeling Small Batch Whiskey and the resulting new flavor combinations.
At the Teeling Amber Ale Dot Brew, the malt and grain whiskeys were brewed for up to 5 years in former American Bourbon barrels. In a ratio of about 4: 1, grain and malt are finally married in the “foreign barrels” and, in the case of the Amber Ale Dot Brew, sent on a 15-month honeymoon trip. In the case of the Teeling Amber Ale Dot Brew Small Batch Collaboration, this second maturation took place – as the name suggests – in barrels that previously contained Amber Ale from the Irish Dot Brew Brewery in Dublin. Only 12,000 bottles were filled with this wonderful drop.

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