Teeling Brabazon Bottling #4: Carcavelos Cask

$ 240

The final bottling in the Brabazon series. Launched by Teeling in 2018 to showcase the wonderful influence the fortified wines of the Iberian peninsula has over whiskey. This expression is aged in ex-bourbon before it’s finish Carcavelos Portuguese wine casks. Carcavelos is very unique in that only one producer on the wine exists today. The rare grape varieties, Arinto and Galego Dourado, are grown across just 24 acres of vineyards, located just off the Atlantic coast. The producer, Villa Oeiras, is funded by the government of Portugal, who are determined to keep the style in production. The wine is sweetened with natural unfermented vinho abafado, fortified to around 20% and oak-aged in Portuguese or French oak typically for 3-5 years. Expect some citrus lemony notes and light tannins from the grape, with nutty flavours from the cask.


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