Redbreast PX Edition

$ 239

Joining Redbreast Lustau is Redbreast PX Edition, creating what’s now the Iberian Series. These expressions focus on the impression left by the unique wines of Spain and Portugal. The wine in question is Pedro Ximenéz, a sweet straw wine only produced in the southern region of Andalucía, Spain. The grapes are grown inland where the land is higher and weather dryer. After harvest the grapes are dried into raisins, and then the sweet juice is extracted. The juice is then fortified with local brandy and aged in the Sherry producing region. The process is arduous, but the results are stunning. Redbreast PX is first aged in a combination of ex-bourbon and Oloroso sherry barrels, before it’s final finish in the Pedro Ximenéz hogsheads.

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