Rebel City Distillery Absinthe

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Ireland’s first ever absinthe available on the market distilled in premium small batches. Created using a base recipe that RCD’s Master Distiller, Robert, discovered in a French book dated 1871. Blended with grande wormwood, green anise, and florence fennel, the Rebel City Distillery Series Absinthe pours clear, with the signature serve of Absinthe and iced water transforming it from crystal clear to a semi-opaque white.⁠

It’s believed absinthe originated in Switzerland in the late eighteenth century, however, it rose to prominence in France in the late nineteenth century. It was the drink of choice of Parisian artists and writers.

A campaign of demonisation by the wine trade, that included spurious claims linking it to violent crimes and social disorder, lead to the banning of absinthe in a number of countries around the turn of the 20th century.

Towards the end the 20th century, an absinthe resurgence began. From there absinthe has grown in popularity across the world as bans have been slowly lifted.

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