Old Comber 30 Year Old Pure Pot Still

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Introducing one of Ireland’s most iconic Whiskeys. Old Comber 30.

The was the last pot still whiskey to be distilled in Ulster after the distillery was sold for stock and scrap in 1953. While many of Belfast distilleries were converting to column distillation, Old Comber stood firm in their love for traditional Irish Pot Still. Some would argue this was to their detriment as the heavier style was falling out of favour for lighter blends. Nonetheless, we’re glad they stuck to their guns. Their legacy lives on in these last remaining bottles.

Double distilled in the early 50s, aged in oak barrels for 30-40 years. One of the few pot still whiskeys to contains a substantial oat component in the mash bill. Bottling run from mid 1980’s until 1993 totaling less than 5000. Incredibly scarce today. A true piece of Irish Whiskey Heritage.

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