Midleton Very Rare 1998 Vintage

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The Midleton Very Rare range is the longest running series of annual Irish whiskey releases, with the recent 2020 release being its 37th version. Ever since its beginning it has sought to be a definitive expression, first of the New Midleton Distillery’s production and blending capabilities, and later that of Ireland’s whiskey prowess in general.

A blending of potstill and grain whiskeys of ever-maturing ages, casked in bourbon and sherry barrels. Every release brings with it new flavour profiles and textures not possible before and never to be repeated again. The 1998 age range is 12-25 years, as has been said to possess spicier oaky qualities than its predecessor. Stewed apples mingled with toffee on the nose with a buttery, chewy mouthfeel.

Complete with distillery invitation and certificate of authenticity.

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