Midleton 20th Anniversary 1984 Vintage

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A rare and unique edition to the most sought-after brand in Irish whiskey. Released in 2004 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Very Rare inaugural release. The whiskey itself comes from the same batch used to bottle the 1984 edition, so a blend of pot still and grain whiskies, with whiskies from both Old and new Midleton distilleries blended together. With the Old Midleton Distillery having closed in 1975, meaning the age of this whiskey is a lot older than advertised. From 1984 until it’s release in 2004, the whiskey was treated to both ex-bourbon and olosoro sherry maturation. Additionally, the release is one of just a few bottled at cask strength, coming in at 53% ABV. Only 400 bottles were ever released.

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