Method and Madness Maple Wood Finish

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One of the more recent limited edition pot still Irish whiskey from the innovative distillers at Method and Madness. The whiskey begins its journey in a harmonious blend of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks, before taking a final rest in meticulously handpicked maple wood casks.Maple wood, recognized for its striking grain and deep hue, is a cherished hardwood originating from North America. It holds a place of pride in a range of sectors, from the construction industry to the manufacture of muscial intruments, owing to its strength and versatility.

In the whiskey world, maple wood contributes an unparalleled flavour profile. Its inherent sweetness and faint, smoky notes make it a remarkable choice for whiskey maturation. The employment of maple wood casks bestows a distinct sweetness and intricacy to the whiskey, augmenting its flavours and aromas, and adding a fresh twist to traditional aging techniques. Bottled at 57.1 % ABV, non chill filtered.

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