Lost Irish

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Introducing Lost Irish, an intrepid Irish Whiskey, crafted from a blend of six distinctive selections in three unique styles, encapsulating the nomadic essence of the Irish spirit.Their casks, meticulously gathered from six continents, mirror Ireland’s genuine abode: the world. With over 70 million Irish individuals dispersed across these very continents from which this whiskey  obtain our casks, this Whiskey is infused with a global influence that renders it exceptionally intriguing and full-bodied.

Africa: South Africa Brandy Casks

Asia: Japanese Mizunara Oak

Europe: Sherry Casks

North America: Bourbon & Caribbean Rum

Oceania: Australian Tawny Port

South America: Colombian Rum

Their relentless pursuit of excellence inspired them to explore a harmonious fusion of all three styles of Irish Whiskey simultaneously. This masterful blend achieves the perfect equilibrium of flavor and intricacy: grain imparts a delicate sweetness, malt brings a touch of fruitiness, and pot still infuses the blend with a hint of spice and velvety creaminess.

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