Lambay Small Batch

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Lambay are an Indie Bottler ran by the Baring family who own Lambay Island for the last 120 years. The island lays off the northeast coast of Dublin and possesses its own microclimate. This provides the casks maturating on the island a raw coastal quality not often practiced in Irish Whiskey. The puffin as the brands mascot is a nod to the Islands wonderfully diverse flora and fauna, of which the Baring family are actively involved in conservation efforts.

Like most Irish whiskeys, our spirit is matured in bourbon casks. The blending and finishing is taken over by French Cognac Master Blender, Yonael Bernard of Maison Camus. Located in the heart of the Cognac appellation, the Broderies in the oldest and smallest cru, making up just 5% of the region. Finally this whiskey is disgorged liquid is tempered with Lambay Trinity Well Water from the local aquifer.

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