Jameson Crested x Eight Degrees Brewing: Devil’s Ladder Belgian Tripel Finish

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The bottling of Jameson Crested x Eight Degrees Devil’s Ladder is a celebration of heritage and innovation. Named after the Devil’s Ladder route on Carrauntoohil, Ireland’s tallest peak, the whiskey mirrors the journey’s blend of challenge and beauty. This theme is reflected in the bottle design, marrying the ruggedness of an Irish mountain adventure with the elegance of a premium whiskey. The collaboration between Jameson and Eight Degrees Brewing is a testament to the creativity and craftsmanship in Irish distilling and brewing, captured in every bottle of this exceptional whiskey.

Belgian Tripel craft beer, known for its strong, flavorful, and slightly sweet profile, plays a pivotal role in the creation of this whiskey. This style of beer is traditionally brewed with a higher amount of malt, imparting rich and complex flavors. When Eight Degrees finished their Belgian Tripel in Jameson sherry casks, the casks absorbed the distinct beer characteristics. Later, these beer-soaked barrels were used to age Jameson Crested, infusing the whiskey with the Tripel’s unique flavors. The interaction between the whiskey and the ale’s residual elements in the cask results in a fusion of spices, sweetness, and a toasted cereal note, adding a new dimension to the whiskey’s taste profile.

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