Jameson 1970’s 12 Year Old: Bow Street Distillery w/ Box

$ 650

Another obscure find from our dedicated procurement team. This time it’s from the last runs to come out of John Jameson’s enigmatic Bow Street Distillery, Dublin. A “city within a city”, Bow Street covered 5 acres of the capital, employing over 300 staff. A sprawling network of underground cellars provided a consistent climate for maturing some 25,000 casks. It was considered the most important and largest distillery to supply the British Empire. Fast forward a century later, Bow Street is decommissioned in 1971 after nearly 200 years of operation. Production would move briefly to Power’s John’s Lane Distillery until the opening of the new Midleton distillery in 1975. An end of an era, locked inside these last few bottles.

John Jameson was meticulous about quality. Much to the chagrin of his associates (and their capital), he would insist on using premium barley and maturing longer than the industry standard of the time. His tenacity paid off, with his personal expectations realised in every bottle exhibiting his name today. This is a rare opportunity to experience a true Dublin Pot Still, with it’s waxy, heavy mouthfeel, and surprising sparks of citrus, orange blossom, and liquorice.


This particular find is in immaculate condition, and the first bottle we have come across complete with box and trimmings. All it needs is a tasteful gift wrapping for that special someone.

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