Green Spot

$ 75

Alongside Redbreast, Green Spot (and it’s wider range) have represented the struggling Irish Whiskey category for over 80 years. Indie bottlers Mitchell & Son have been involved in the wine and spirits industry for over 200 years, with Green Spot the clear winner among the myriad of brands they have produced over the centuries. Originally a 10-Year-Old Whiskey, this has since turned into a 7-10 year old single pot still. Aged in ex-bourbon and oloroso sherry casks. Despite missing this particular trait, the Green Spot became ever more popular and is the only expression in the range to have seen continuous production. Today we now have the 12-Year-Old Yellow Spot, 15-Year-Old Red Spot and the 7-Year-Old Blue Spot, all resurrected thanks to their predecessor. Classic Pot Still characteristics; oily, creamy mouthfeel, spy ginger, lots of warming vanilla. Like a crème brûlée in liquid form.

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