Eiling Lim 15 Year Old 2002 Single Malt

$ 360

From Malaysia first ever indie bottler Eiling Lim. She began her company with her husband Luc Timmermans back in 2014 and has been forging the path for the indie scene in Malaysia. Her family name “Lim” is Chinese for wood or forest. So it was only natural she would be a leader in her field. Her early vision and enthusiasm for the industry has giving Eiling unmatched access to some of the best casks around the globe. Along with her husband, they have since expanded into rum and other spirits. Seems like nothing stands in their way!

This Irish Single Malt was distilled in an undisclosed location, however being triple distilled in 2002 we can guess it is or a northerly persuasion. Just 150 bottles were released to the public, a significantly lesser number than most releases. Bottled at 47.7%, non chill filtered.

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