Bushmills Causeway Collection New American Oak 12 Years 2010/2023

$ 180

Part of the few 2023 releases of the Causeway Collection from the Old Bushmills Distillery, this limited edition hails from the exclusive market of Germany. This limited edition single malt was distilled in 2010 and matured for 11 years in Oloroso sherry and bourbon casks before receiving a final injection of flavour from 1 year in virgin American oak casks. This process creates a unique flavor profile, making the whiskey a prized addition, especially as a Germany exclusive release. While there’s a notable amount of 5,142 bottles available on release, this is soon to change rapidly considering Bushmills reach and reputation as Ireland’s foremost malt distillery.

Using virgin American oak for whiskey aging, particularly in Irish whiskey, is uncommon and innovative. Unlike typical barrels that previously held other spirits, virgin oak imparts intense flavors like pronounced vanilla, coconut, and a bold oakiness. This fresh wood also adds a spicy, complex character to the whiskey, showcasing a trend in the industry towards unique flavor experimentation.

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