Bushmills Causeway Collection 10 Year Old Plum Brandy Cask

$ 199

The Bushmills Causeway Collection expands with this intruiging plum brandy finished single malt. Aged initially for 6 years in a combination of ex-bourbon and oloroso casks, the whiskey was then transferred into ex-plum brandy casks for another 4 more years. Bottled at a generous 59.6%, this is sure to be a chest warmer.

Plum brandy, often referred to as “Slivovitz” in Central and Eastern Europe, is a fragrant distilled beverage crafted from fermented plum juice. It boasts a rich cultural heritage, particularly in regions such as the Balkans, where it is traditionally produced. The flavor profile of plum brandy is robust and fruit-forward, with a warm, sweet-tart essence of ripe plums that is often accompanied by hints of vanilla and almond from the aging process. Typically enjoyed neat, plum brandy is revered for its smoothness and depth of flavor, which can vary from light and sweet to dark and complex, depending on the variety of plums used and the length of maturation.

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