Berserk Guts & Zod Label Cask #11463

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Single malt whiskey selected by whiskey critic Hideo Yamaoka of Japan for Japanese bottling company Whiskey Mew. A collaboration with the multimedia franchise of “Berserk” a Japanese mange series set in a medieval Europe-inspired dark fantasy world. The image depicts the two main characters of this universe. On the left we have Nosferatu Zodd. Once human, he sacrificed his loved ones and humanity in order to become all-powerful and immortal. Our anti-hero on the right is Guts. Born of a hanged corpse and raised to be a mercenary, the fierce warrior clashes with the demon is what is quite the epic whisky label! Distilled in Cooley we suspect due to it’s juicy tropical profile of pear, melon and pineapple.

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