Part of the new wave sweeping the landscape of Irish distilling and blending. Nestled between the Mourne Mountains and Carlingford Lough, lies Ireland’s smallest (legal!) distillery. Two copper pot stills with capacities of just 800 and 1000 litres are “flame fed”, while the condensing is processed through a worm tub, creating one of the most traditional spirit distilled today.

They currently produce a poitín and gin, with peated potstill ageing quietly in the background. They store all stock on-site, including their sourced liquid from which they have developed their intriguing small batch “Experimental Series” of single cask blends. To top it off, they have also produced a dark rum.

Sourcing casks from all around the world, Killowens’ goal is to inspire and educate drinkers on the new frontier of Irish whiskey. One major aspect to the Killowen brand is its dedication to transparency through its labelling. Liquid source, blending ratios, ages are all declared, appealing to the ever more discerning consumer.

 Founded 2017
 County Down
 Status Active
 Capacity 10920 LPA
 Head Distiller Brendan Carty
 Head Blender Brendan Carty
 Grain Source “Down the lane, across the Lough”
 Water Source Mourne Mountains Well
 Malster Ourselves, Craftsman Malt Co, Loughrans Brewing Stores
 Visitor Centre/ Tours Yes
Employees 3
Lautering By Hand
Sparging By Hand
Mashing By Hand
Yeast Dried
Fermentation Open Top, Outdoors
Styles Rye, Potstill, Peated Potstill
No. Washbacks 1
Wash Still 1000 Litres
Spirit Still oversized @ 800
Capacity 40 Casks
Floor Concrete

29 Kilfeaghan Rd, Killowen, Newry BT34 3AW, United Kingdom

Killowen Distillery