Irish Whiskey: Valentine’s Gift Ideas and What They Say to Someone You Love

Valentine’s Day is coming around again with its usual issues of what to get that special someone in your life. Like every year, the perfect gift for your partner or even someone you secretly admire, is a bottle of Irish whiskey. Well at least a bottle, depending on how much you really love them, anywhere between two and twelve is also acceptable.

So that comes with another problem, what is the secret encoded message your choice of Irish whiskey is actually sending to your partner? Obviously with such a range of flavours, finishes and fantastic histories, each bottle actually means something right? It’s not like you could pick a bottle randomly and presume that the other person will just see it as a “simple, loving gesture”. In affairs of the heart such things don’t exist, they always carry a message. To help you make sure your gift is saying what you want it to, we’ve decided to write this guide as an aid for deciphering the hidden erotic code of Irish whiskey.

Of course, if you’re alone, single and feel left out of this special day, then you’re correct and this blog is absolutely not for you. That’s because you already have the awesome luxury of buying yourself whatever present you want, whenever you want. Long may it continue and don’t let the coupled-up haters bring you down with their jealousy, because every day is Valentine’s Day in your special relationship of one.

What your gift of Irish whiskey is saying to your partner

You think they are Unique: Jane Doe – 16 Year Irish Single Malt
They say that everyone is different, but from experience you know that they’re nearly all the same, like Dolly the Sheep’s lambs on a grand scale. Except for you partner that is, they are truly special and different and unlike anything else you’ll find anywhere in the world. Or maybe there are only about 278 others like them, which is still quite rare, just like this bottle of 16 year old single malt Irish whiskey arriving via German boutique bottlers, Malts of Scotland. It’s the perfect way to tell that special someone that they’re one of a kind. Who else would be with you after all, that’s unique in itself.

You think they are Spicy: Powers – Gold Label
Some people believe that a relationship is nothing without passion, heat and even fire. In fact, it makes perfect sense to save on your heating bill by going out with such a steamy person for the winter, until at least the end of February. Thus, Valentine’s Day will fall within your relationship and what better way to tell them that you think they’re hotter than a mouthful of molten steel than a bottle of good old Powers Gold Label. The distinct peppery pot still spiciness which defines the brand is unique to Irish whiskey.

You think they are Classy: Redbreast 21
Whether or not you think your partner is classy, or whether it is just better to tell them that, the best way to convey this signal, like most messages, is through the medium of Irish whiskey. Not just any whiskey mind, but one of the greatest and most beloved of the island’s sweet children: Redbreast 21. You see, just like Oisín in Tír na nÓg (ask an Irish person if you haven’t read the newspaper reports), Redbreast 21 is timeless, never aging, stuck in purgatory because heaven isn’t good enough for it yet. It is the bar against which everything else of true class in this world is measured, like Fabergé eggs, illustrated first editions of Ulysses and the original Orient Express. The definition of something being “true class” goes from 0 – 1 bottle of Redbreast 21, though nothing ever gets that high. To sum up, it’s easier to just get them a bottle of this wonderful whiskey.

You think they are Funky and Fruity: Method and Madness Single Grain
We all know that art deco was the funkiest design phase ever. We also all know that single grain whiskeys are as fruity as Carmen Miranda’s headgear. So, if your partner is a bit on the wild and wacky side why not squeeze those two things together. They mightn’t seem like they mix but that’s what makes your partner so amazing, they’ll completely get it straight away. Oh how you love them, yet also wish they’d tone it down a notch sometimes.

You think they are Fresh: Slane Castle Irish Whiskey
It’s a story as old as time itself. You hooked up with someone at your Christmas party, kept up a bit of flirty contact over the holidays and at the start of the year you decided the best way to stick to your resolutions this year was to launch into a full-blown relationship. Now Valentine’s Day has swung around and you’re in a muddle. It’s a bit early for diamonds but also a bit too late to just buy them a pint or a packet of Skittles. Fear not, here at Irish Spirit we’ve got just the solution. Slane Castle is also just starting out, but we’ve got some good feelings about it and the talk is of something that could like, majorly go long term and it’s in a castle, with great music taste. Pretty much it sums up exactly how you feel about your new relationship.

You think they are Down to Earth: Connemara 22
There’s an old saying in Irish, “níl aon tinteán mar do thinteán féin” which literally means “there’s no hearth like your own hearth”. This doesn’t have much connection to whiskey but what does is Connemara, where they have both peat and they speak Irish on a regular basis. Thus, Connemara can be seen as one of the most earthed places on the island, a mystical place with a strong connection to its Celtic roots and language stretching back thousands of years, and also one of the places you are most likely to get stuck in a bog. If you love how down to earth and solid your partner is then reward them with a beautiful, peaty, smoky (Ireland’s only one) Connemara 22 year old single malt.

There you go, whiskey for everyone! No matter where you are in the world, the secret lover’s code of a bottle of Ireland’s finest will always be understood. So, don’t waste time looking at flashy catalogues or in magpie’s shops of shiny accoutrements, head straight to Irish Spirit and get your loved one, or ones, something that they really want.