Irish Whiskey South Region

Ireland’s south is where the exclusive process of single pot still was kept alive by the “Noah’s Ark” of Irish whiskey that came together in the early 1970s in Midleton, Co. Cork. Thus, the flavours of single pot spiciness were saved for the world and developed upon for a new era of Irish whiskey.

Though Midleton became best known for its smooth, triple-distilled Jameson, it was also the distillery where Irish favourites Powers, Paddy, Redbreast, Green Spot and Tullamore were distilled. Subsequently many of the tastes which one now associates with Irish whiskey have their origins of those nurtured in the south of Ireland through a continuation of great whiskey makers, most famously the Crockett family, including father and son Max and Barry.

The sheer wealth and variety of expressions produced in the south means one cannot give them all a full airing here but most notable to look out for are the delicate and accessible blends of Jameson Original and Tullamore Dew, as well as the unique warm cinnamon and pepper of single pot still in the likes of Redbreast and Green Spot.

Midleton has since been joined on its long voyage by newcomers like the Walsh Whiskey Distillery in beautiful Carlow and Mark Reynier’s Waterford Distillery, each bringing their own take on how to make excellent Irish whiskey.

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