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D.W.D Whiskey

Ireland’s Finest Whiskey Is Back…

Rising To Fame

The Dublin Whiskey Distillery Company, or DWD for short, was one of the ‘Big 4’ Dublin distilleries from the second half of the 19th century. These were the glory days of Irish distilling, when 80% of the world’s whiskey was Irish Single Pot Still and Dublin supplied the majority of that. DWD was no different and its then state-of-the-art distillery on Jones Road on Dublin’s north side was capable of producing 800,000 gallons a year. (To put that in perspective, total Irish production in 1971 was about 350,000.)

DWD was hugely popular in its home city and its advertising slogan of “Dublin’s Own”, as well as the excessively modest “Finest Whiskey in the World”, were daily sights on gable-end painted advertising and the hundreds of branded mirrors they provided to Dublin’s pubs.

Gone But Not Forgotten.

The distillery suffered the fate of most Irish distillers however and, despite banding together with the George Roe and William Jameson distilleries, in the surrounding economic and political climate of the early 20th century, the future began to look increasingly dark. With its partners both closing their operations in the 1920s, the ailing DWD distillery on Jones Road succumbed to the back-room machinations of politicians and asset-vultures, who saw the land, stock and machinery of the grand old premises as a chance for a quick pound. In 1942, its taps were turned off and the buildings were gutted of all they were worth in 1946.

Despite that however DWD remained strong in the memories and environment in Dublin. Even if they don’t realise the significance, most visitors to the city will have seen one of the many bar mirrors which are still in place, over 70 years after it closed. Dubliners have long memories and the loss of DWD and its proud whiskey heritage is something they have not forgotten.

The Comeback

It was this heritage which inspired a group of friends one Christmas season, as they sat at the Palace bar in Dublin, looking at one of the last known existing bottles from Jones Road. Why not bring “Dublin’s Own” whiskey back to life?

The team started out on a long journey to do just that. It is not an easy task to bring something so iconic back to life. So, gathering together a team of Master Distillers, and having access to an amazing range of stock, 117 different blends of whiskey were sampled before deciding on what was just right for their DWD Heritage Edition.

Rebuilding The Legacy

To do the name justice, DWD knew they must have continuity. This was a whiskey that had existed in the psyche of the city for nearly 150 years and, considering the dishonour of its downfall, deserved to be nurtured back to life that could see it blossom for another 150.

The whiskey needed to have a unique taste that would be just DWD, something Dubliners could feel proud of as being theirs and no-one else’s. Hence, the outstanding blend of single malt and grain, both double and triple distilled, with the whiskeys aged between five and ten years in ex-Bourbon American Oak is a taste which you won’t find anywhere else.

Available Now: D.W.D Heritage Edition

We are delighted to be the exclusive international distributor for D.W.D whiskey. Our goal is to allow the world to once again experience “The Enduring Irish Spirit.”

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